A Few Things About Electric Brooms

How many of you have wished for some magic broom that could clear off the mess after a yesterday night party? All of you, I hope. Actually, such a gizmo does exist and was invented by James Murray Spangler, an American inventor, salesman and janitor. He designed and patented an electric broom in 1908 that later become the inspiration for a vacuum cleaner we are so familiar with.


The initial model was basically a normal broom fitted with a motor to suck the dirt and accumulate in an attached bag. It was created with some routine components like a tin box, a pillowcase, an electric fan, and a broom handle. But it was worth the effort of this great inventor, who designed it to assist him in his growing Asthmatic condition.

This useful tool has undergone many modifications since then and the electric broom that we see today is very compact and an efficient tool that every house must have. It can reach every nook and corner of your house, cleaning the tightest spots and the edgiest locations.


You must consider certain features to make a good bargain out of this useful gadget. The most important features to look for are the head shape it has, how it skirts the scattered dirt and how much power it needs to operate. Other points that are vital are the length of handle, number of settings possible for different levels of clutter, length of the power cable, how much space it covers in one sweep and the how many passes it takes to clean a specific area. Compactness, storage requirements, weight, dirt bag capacity and floor kinds it can work on, are some of the other parameters you must check. It must be able to clean unreachable places like the roof corners, high niches and window sills.


One thing is sure that an electric broom will give you better results than a manual broom, because it is speedier, saves a lot of time and is durable. If you have some health issues like backache or joint pains, then this broom will be the good household gadget for you.