A Few Tips When Working with a Drill Press

Every work of craft, be it wood or metal, involves some risk. Woodwork is no exception to this. If you use a hand drill, then you run a greater risk than when you work with a drill-press. Using a hand drill, exposes our body to a greater threat of back pain and muscular cramps, since it requires more force to drill in hardwood or tough metal surfaces or any other job that requires deeper or bigger holes.

It is better to prevent than to repent later”. This is a well-known quote inspiring us to take preventive measures while performing such laborious tasks. One of my friends got his hand severely pierced while drilling a wood piece when he was making a tree-house for his son. The wood-piece was not clamped properly and he was holding the piece with his hands to align it manually. So, I advise everyone to use C-clamps for fastening or press-vices to hold the work piece while drilling with a drill-press.

Another thing that I stress upon is, to wear comfortable clothes which are not loose at the sleeves or hem, while performing drill tasks. There is no need to wear gloves too, since the gloves can trap inside the bit or may get tangled in the motor belt.

The drill bit rotates at a high speed and if you’re working on some metal surface, it is utmost important to fix the work piece securely on the work surface. Metal dust is very harmful and can injure or damage your eye. So always wear safety goggles while working with hand drill or drill press.

A drill press can be customized by installing additional safety sensors, and it does work really well by keeping you safe from unexpected injuries. This tool can sense the presence of a hand if it comes in the way of the sensor and the drill bit immediately moves upwards, protecting your hands. The machine can also be adjusted to operate with both hands to minimize risk of hand injuries. So keep using this precision power tool safely to pursue your passion in woodcraft.