Are foot spas worth the money?


The divergence between people sustaining that foot spas and spa treatments in general are useful and those arguing the opposite are still heated, both sides coming with new ideas and arguments to support their cause.



My personal opinion on the matter, after a long experience of writing and reading reviews on spa and foot spa machines, is that as long as you don’t expect them to perform miracles, foot spa products can be a great addition to your beauty and relaxation equipment at home, especially since the two aspects: feeling relaxed and beautifying, don’t go that well together.

Foot spas are generally simple equipment that will allow your feet and your whole body to relax. If you think a bit, our grandparents used to appeal to hot foot baths and salt to treat cold or other minor affections. It is believed that salt can absorb the negative elements from our bodies, and help with relieving the cold. For its part, hot water would increase our body’s’ temperature and help us feel better, especially if we got under fluffy blankets, wearing a pair of warm socks. Most of the times, this treatment did help those with the disease feel better, especially if the hot bath was assisted by medical treatment as well.

In the same way, today, foot spas accompanied by several useful ingredients, such as Epsom salt (that has proven benefits for our body and in treating minor affections), help us with ameliorating commonly encountered problems. For example, if you are one of those people that have had problems with their feet always, with rough or sweaty feet or infections such as athlete’s foot, you will be able to determine the positive effects that a warm bath can have on your feet.

So, if I’m saying that a warm bath is enough, why buy a foot spa after all? Well, most spas you can find on the market combine several functions: some of them heat water and keep it warm, which is something you won’t be able to obtain using a common wash basin – after 5 minutes your water will already be cold. A foot spa, on the other hand, will maintain water at a cozy temperature and can also reheat it for you, if you want to spend another couple of minutes in your hot bath.

Most spas include massage and pedicure attachments, so that you can enjoy a relaxing massage while you take a warm bath.  Additionally, the vibrating function that is part of their basic features contributes to the overall effect of the massage devices included. For those who enjoy trigger point massage, some spas feature especially designed surfaces, on which you place your feet. This type of massage is known to have positive effects on the whole body, as key points on our soles have connectors that tie them to major body parts.

On the other hand, this does not mean all foot spas are able to provide you with a great experience. It is difficult to ignore the numerous, negative reviews from unsatisfied users you can find online. Some of these might come from users who expected their foot spa to cure terminal diseases or from those who know what they’re saying and had the bad luck to acquire a low quality product.

As the market is filled with a great number of offers, you should expect unsatisfying products to appear next to efficient ones. To avoid the unhappy circumstance when your product doesn’t do anything that a normal basin wouldn’t, try making a thorough market research before taking your pick. Read reviews, both from experts and owners, make sure you are informed on the best brands you can find and try understanding, by reading the numerous buying guides you can find online, how these simple machines work. Last, but not least, don’t forget asking people around. If you have a neighbor who ordered a spa online and he is satisfied by its quality, you can try buying the same product or one from the same manufacturer. This way, you won’t fail and you’ll see how much a spa can help you relax in the evenings.