Delicious Yogurt Dessert Ideas


Yogurt is a great food that many people love for its great health benefits, and, of course, its delicious taste. There are many interesting ways to incorporate yogurt in your daily meals, and I personally prefer adding yogurt as a staple for my desserts. Here are some ideas I often use.


Chocolate chips with Greek yogurt


I am crazy about chocolate, so you can easily imagine that one of my favorite desserts is represented by chocolate chips. Since I also love Greek yogurt, I thought about bringing the two together and enjoy a delicious dessert anytime I have a sweet tooth. The idea is pretty straightforward and simple: you have to add Greek yogurt to your dough recipe. You will notice right away that the dough is pretty sticky, but that happens because of the yogurt. Let the dough sit in the fridge for about three hours, and, to get them right, make small cookies (not medium, not big). In the end you will get a healthier version of the famous chocolate chip cookies.


Frozen yogurt with berries


I give this recipe such a general title, because I like it with all kinds of berries and even cherries, especially sour cherries. You cannot get anything better tasting than this. Mixing fat Greek yogurt with coconut milk, sugar and vanilla will get you a creamy texture that you can pour afterwards in an ice cream maker. Make sure to break gently the berries or the cherries, so they leave a bit of juice and add them towards the end of the churning time. What you will get will be nothing short of amazing.

With so many types of yogurt readily available on the market, there is plenty to choose from, but I like making my own yogurt at home. Besides the fact that I know that it contains no preservatives and other chemicals that are bad for human health, I actually like the taste better. For this reason, I got myself a yogurt maker, after I found some great info on these kitchen appliances on this site. I strongly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn about such devices to read the yogurt maker reviews on this site..


Yogurt brownies


Who doesn’t love brownies? There is no other easier recipe than tasty brownies. Enhance your recipe with fat yogurt instead of milk and you will get a fudgy texture that will melt in your mouth and taste absolutely heavenly.