Great Brotherly Fun

There is nothing more worthwhile in using your extra time than spending it with your family or close friends and it would be very nice if you can just pack up and get away from the rush and pollution in the city and travel to a place where you can camp, relax, enjoy the view, breathe the fresh air in refreshing woods, seaside or river shore. If such escapades come with some fine catch in shape of fish, then what else one needs in life!

Me and my siblings love to bond with the nature once a month, especially when all seven of us are able to take leave from our respective jobs and come home to stay with our parents. We have an enviable history of visiting countless amazing places.

One of the activities that I never get tired of being when we grab our baits, rods, grippers and hook removers, cast nets to make the most of the free fish.  The last place we visited is Mactan, Philippines, August last year, since this time of year is the best season for fishing and it was one of the most unforgettable experiences I had.

My oldest brother, Harold, arranged boats and grouped us into three teams and turned our fishing activity into a fun filled competition. It was that whichever group catches the biggest fish will get a promising reward ending at him buying the biggest fish caught. Being the youngest and a novice in this field, I was very excited.

My brother, James became my tutor and taught me all the nuances of fishing. I learned the technique to hold the rod and throw the bait in the river. Unfortunately the biggest fish was caught by the eldest brother’s group. My team was so disappointed. We learned that he used a gadget called a fish finder. He showed it to us and explained what the lines and the numbers on the screen are meant for.

He outwitted us because of this gadget and bagged the prize declared by him. When all of use realized his clever plan, we ended up laughing so hard. All the teams were successful in catching loads of fish so we had the most enjoyable camp with bonfire, abundant fish delicacies made by my mother, laughter and sharing of experiences. When I will grow old, this particular excursion will always be the sparkling memory of the beautiful life I have with my loving family.