Just bought a new sump pump for my aquarium

I thought keeping my aquarium in top shape was difficult, right up until I came across an article detailing the use and benefits of owning and using a sump pump destined for this purpose exactly. I considered getting it because it was high time I did something about maintaining a stable water level. What’s more, I wanted to get rid of contaminants or debris that seemed to be building up on the walls of my aquarium.

While it’s true that my decision-making process wasn’t easy due to the fact that there are many models out there, I quickly came to the conclusion that the model that I had to purchase was the Hagen Fluval Sea. For one, it’s one of the few units that can be used both in fresh water and in salt water, and I really had no idea whether I might have been interested in changing the population in my aquarium sooner or later. Marine and tropical fish are very difficult to work with, mostly because they require constant aeration and require a lot more oxygen when compared to regular goldfish. That’s why, for a long time, I thought it would be a daunting task for me to have an aquarium with seawater. Fortunately, this isn’t the case anymore, although I haven’t yet decided to switch to tropical fish just yet.

In my opinion, the Hagen Fluval Sea pump manages to meet and even exceed my expectations in terms of capabilities and performance. It’s made with ceramic bearings and features an impeller shaft thanks to which I can rest assured regarding the durability of the product. What’s more, it’s more than capable of improving the water temperature because its cool running characteristics make it worth every penny. Besides, I needed an alternative that doesn’t disturb the ecosystem that I built thanks to a lot of work. The least thing that I wanted was for any fish to end up with their bellies on the surface of the water, particularly since I paid good money on some of them. But they’re a sight for sore eyes, I’ll tell you. I was so impressed with how the pump managed to do its job that I went online and researched some of the other products manufactured by Hagen. Aside from being one of the most reputable brands in the industry, it’s also one of the top companies when it comes to designing and building salts, supplements, protein skimmers, as well as hydrometers.

All in all, I’m perfectly satisfied with my choice. I’d like to add that there’s nothing more convenient than a sump pump for aquariums that can operate both internally and externally, as this way I don’t have to worry about anything even while I’m trying to make adjustments with the plants and such. Plus, I didn’t even have to break the bank to order the product, considering that I chose the SP4 version and paid less than two hundred dollars for it.


Many info were taken from allsumppumps.com