On My Way to Have the Body of a Boxer


Lately, I was looking for a fitness gear that could erase the word “fat” from my personality. So my concern was to find affordable training equipment, that I could use at my convenience and in the moments, I can spare. Obviously, space is a big issue to keep those elaborate training equipment. So, I was searching for something compact, which could give me quick results.

One day I noticed the chiseled body of a boxer during a boxing bout. I was impressed by the agility and statuesque look of the boxer. So, I decided to get a similar physique with the help of a punching bag. I was really serious about this option after I read about the benefits associated with boxing as an exercise.  A few of the benefits are: a punching bag takes minimum space (hangs anywhere!), it is compact and needs zero set up time. It makes you move each muscle of your body to give you the fastest physical fitness.

I figured out that it would also help me in managing my daily stress, which I usually gather in a day’s work. I can vent out my anger, on this non-retaliating gear.  All I needed was, to visualize what my boss did to me at the last team meeting and I could see my piled pounds, melting away. So in short, I was sure that buying a punching bag would be a good decision to bring a holistic shift in my personality. A rigorous punching session of 5-10 minutes seemed sufficient to tone up my body for that enviably fit look and a relaxed mind.

Right now this is my status. I have placed the order for a 50 pound punching bag and am looking forward to its arrival any day. I am searching for those little bits of information and tips, so that I don’t go wrong with my first ever training. I want the sessions to be perfect and beneficial. I don’t want to break a ligament or rip a muscle. I have made up my mind, so I would do it right. Wish me luck!