Piscifun® Shadowcat Series 2 Piece 7′ Casting Rod

If you’re going fishing for bass in summer days, you need a frog lure to have a chance at it. Frogs are a great choice for murky waters, pads and matted grass areas and generally waters populated by vegetation. As you may have already guessed, fish equally love these green spots. Not only plants provide a cooler temperature during hot days, but water vegetation is where fish go to feed, so it is also the best place to cast, if you want to land a couple of them.

Frogs are enormously useful in these conditions because they stay afloat and, if you’re using quality bait, its lifelike design will definitely bring you a good catch. In addition, their shape and lack of sharp angles will make sure they won’t get stuck in herbs. However, you can’t use frogs with any type of line or rod. Your best option is monofilament, because it doesn’t sink, so it is a good match for this particular group.


Now that you know what sort of bait and line you should use, as well as the best waters to fish bass during summer, all you have left to do is find an ideal rod for the job. Personally, I believe I have found a great alternative in the Piscifun 7.6 feet baitcasting rod. This rod was especially designed for casting frogs and for large grassy portions of water. Firstly, it has an ideal length for pond and inshore fishing, as it allows you to cast great distances and with tremendous precision. It has a carbon composite structure that provides you with a perfect balance between flexibility, sensitivity to movement and resistance to pressure.The fact that it is a heavy power rod will ensure that no matter how strong and stubborn the bass is, it won’t be able to escape your hook. On the shaft, you can see the 8+1 guides made with stainless steel and ceramic, that won’t break easily.

This is a 2-piece rod, which means you can split it in two for faster transport and convenient storage.The 2-piece structure won’t affect in any way the overall functioning of this item, and will only help you carry it with more ease. In addition, the product has a camouflage-like design that I particularly love, though I couldn’t tell if it has any effect on the fish. I assume they like it since I’ve already landed two specimens of smallmouth bass with it. However, if you don’t want your wife to find you, you can hide in some bushes and be sure she won’t spot your rod.

If you need any other reasons to acquire this or a similar product from Piscifun, you should know that they have excellent reviews from most customers and they have a flexible refund policy and customer service.