Should Radar Detectors Be Legal?

Technology developed for a specific purpose has its benefits and downfall. I was once asked by a friend of mine, who just got her driving license, what I think about radar detectors. Although I do not have a thorough understanding of it and my own logical mind fails to understand why it was created in the first place, my answer was negative.

I do not agree with those who want to get the radar detectors legalized. For those who do not know what a radar detector is, this is a device that prompts a motorist if his speed is being detected by traffic enforcers. With this signal a rash motorist will know when to slow down to avoid getting a ticket for speeding. That alone is an act of dishonesty.

There is a reason why speed limit is enforced and that is done to avoid accidents.  A radar detector is legal in some states and illegal in others. Fortunately, traffic enforcers have become smarter and can outwit those hasty drivers who use radar detectors. So, they created radar detectors detector to detect those who use radar detectors. So if you get caught, you will be pulled over, given a ticket for speeding and another ticket for a radar detector. If you are unlucky enough, you will get a ticket and will be forced to pay some hefty paralegal fees.

If you have excessive money to waste, then you can go ahead and get a radar detector fitted in your car. However, if you barely make both ends meet then I would strongly suggest following the speed limits. The following rules will keep you and your money safe. So my final verdict is that the radar detector should not be legalized because using it is deceitful, it would encourage the motorists to violate other rules like driving under the influence of alcohol, sneaking drugs illegally and a possible hit and run case as well since they will tend to over-speed as long as they are able to stretch the boundaries of traffic enforcers.