The first fishing trip with my truck tent

Generally, I prefer going in fishing trips during hot summer days when, though I have to endure the heat and fight mosquitos the size of my pickup truck, I can enjoy a good night sleep under the stars without worrying about cold temperatures at night, especially if I camp in a mountain area where temperatures tend to drop dramatically during the night. However, since I bought a truck tent, I can go fishing in colder weekends as well. There are a couple of advantages a truck tent can offer and I’m glad I’ve discovered them.

I still remember the first fishing trip I took with that tent. I had a late start that morning and, when I got on the lake’s shore, other fishermen had already installed their camping gear and were now preparing their fishing gear for the day ahead of them. Though I got there a bit late, it took me nearly half the time I would usually spend installing my tent and have everything ready before I could start fishing. That is because truck tents come with many helpful features for you to spend the least amount of time possible to set it up. For example, I have one of those floorless models that you set up by fastening it with straps that go under your truck , but leave your truck’s floor bare. Due to this practical feature, you don’t have to take out all the gear from your truck before setting up the tent. You just put up the tent and then you take what’s necessary for your fishing, leaving everything you don’t need right away where you’ve put it when you left home. This way, you spend less time setting up your camp and you have more time for actual fishing.

Yet, after a long day fishing you just want a good night sleep. That is the main reason for why, on cold nights, I generally make reservations for a lodge and rarely sleep in the tent. I want to be fresh and energized the next day, even if I wake up in the early morning. But I’m definitely not doing that ever again after having spent the night in the back of my comfortable truck. Before going to sleep, I’ve prepared my tent mattress, added my extra comfy pillow and fluffy blankets and slept royally. Though I’ve been sleeping in tents in family trips for years, I have never enjoyed a good night sleep in my tent until that night.

Normally, the thin canvas of the tent, no matter how resistant, is not able to maintain a comfortable temperature inside it during cold nights. When it comes to truck tents, you are more protected from the cold and wind, thanks to the walls of your vehicle that make a great job at protecting the lower part of your temporary bedroom. When the winds are strong, you can also park your car in a way that keeps your tent shielded from its blasts, a maneuver that wouldn’t be possible if you own a classic tent.